Andi Arnovitz - Israel
A Mother's Early Morning Prayer

Bionic Hearing Press - Ohio
(Aimee Lee)

How It Begins (Sold)
Luminous and simple (Sold)
Savor (Sold)

Blue Bluer Press – North Carolina
(Josh Hockensmith)


Citron Press - Wisconsin
(Stephanie Copoulos-Selle)

Eight Questions (Last 3 copies)

Gabrielle Cooksey - Washington
Chronicles.... (Sold)

Coracle Books – Ireland
(Simon Cutts & Erica Van Horn)

133 Fruit Labels
Em & Me
Too Raucous for a Chorus (Sold)

Coxswain Press - Washington
(Taylor Cox)

Signs of the Re-sis-tance

Roberta Delaney – New York
Parallel Voices

Daniel Essig – North Carolina
Fossil Fish – Sturgeon
Tributary Black-and-White (Sold)

Vicki Essig – North Carolina
Well Read Flax

etc Press – Georgia / Germany
(Cynthia Lollis & Daniela Deeg)

Luftperspektive / Aerial View (Sold)

John Gerard – Germany
Tau Blau (Sold)

Charles Ginnever - Vermont

Mari Eckstein Gower – Washington
Forming Common Threads

Dirk Hagner – California
Pleated Tidings

Romano Hänni – Switzerland
It is bitter …

Haybarn Press – New York
(Ed Colker)

Daughters of Emily

Heavenly Monkey – Canada
(Rollin Milroy)

Kelmscott & Doves Presses
Ars Anatomica (Sold)
Pattern/Pattern (Sold)
The Tale of Three Black Boxes

Helen Hiebert – Colorado

Janus Press – Vermont
(Claire Van Vliet)

Punta del Burro

Kamikaze Press – France
(Simon Redington)


Kumi Korf – New York
The Alphabet of My Phobias

Land Marks Press – Michigan
(Lynne Avadenka)

The Solutions to Brian's Problem

Elaine Langerman – Washington D.C.
Book of Valentines II (Sold)

Larkspur Press – Kentucky
(Gray Zeitz)

Forty Years of Making Books (Sold)
Alluvial Luck

Littoral Press – California
(Lisa Rappoport)

The Short Goodbye (Sold)

Christopher Maddox – Pennsylvania
Fake Art!

May Day Press – Washington
(Catherine Michaels)

Fatal Fairy

Mary McCarthy – Massachusetts
The Journey (Sold)
Journey Facsimile (Sold)

Clifton Meador – North Carolina
Legal Cuban Cigar
Outport Night
While Trodding

Daniel Mellis – Illinois
A History of Light

Margaretta K. Mitchell – California
On the Avenue

Moshi-Moshi – California
(Seiko Tachibana)

Names of aquatic life

Howard Munson – California
Defaced (Sold)
Rum-Roi (Sold)

Perishable Press – Wisconsin
(Walter Hamady)

Travelling Gabberjabb (Sold)

Perkolator Press – Alabama
(Amy Pirkle)

How to Lose it All at Once

Pied Typer Press – Washington
(Peter Newland)

Philatelic Riddle(Sold)

Red Trillium Press – Massachusetts
(Steven Daiber)

Roiling Habana (Sold)

Benjamin D. Rinehart – Wisconsin
Color is for Everyone
Team Ramey

sailorBoy press – Wisconsin
(Jeffrey Morin)

A Murder of Crows
my darling, my reason

Mardy Sears – Illinois

Shawn Sheehy – Illinois
Fresh Cut Xmas (Sold)

Ellen Sheffield – Ohio
The Ages of Peonies (Sold)

Spaceheater Editions – Arizona
(Philip Zimmermann)


Springtide Press – Washington
(Jessica Spring)

Memory Lame

Strong Silent Type Press – Minnesota
(Fred Hagstrom)

Returning Home (Sold)
The Rose of No Man's Land (Sold)

Beth Thielen – New York
String Bean Theory

Sha Towers – Texas
We are Writing these things (edition)
We are writing these things Special #1

Lauri Twitchell – California
Hide and Seek

Melissa Wagner-Lawler – Wisconsin
The Proposition of Landscape