Journey Facsimile book
Journey Facsimile

By Mary McCarthy
Boston, Massachusetts: Mary McCarthy, 2003. Edition of 40.

2 x 2.25"; 12 pages. Miniature. Accordion structure pasted in to wraps on end pages. Printed on Somerset Enhanced Velvet with an Epson printer. Folded and wrapped in a textured brown and gold paper. Closed with a metallic gold 1/8" wide ribbon.

Facsimile edition of Mary McCarthy's original unique book, The Journey, which has paper collage and handwritten text. This has been reproduced digitally and bound in gold textured paper with a ribbon tie to resemble a miniature travel journal.

Mary McCarthy: "The Journey is a reflection on life, how we often want the end result and forget to enjoy the process. Like kids wanting to grow up fast and not enjoy being a kid. And then when they get to be a grown up, it isn’t what they thought it would be like."