By Howard Munson
San Francisco: Howard Munson, 2012. One-of-a-Kind.

8.25 x 10.625 x 1.375" closed; extends to 105"; 14 pages. Accordion structure bound into back board. 12 inkjet images tipped on Lenox 100% rag paper. Slipcased with title on spine. Signed.

Howard Munson: "While on a walk in San Francisco I came across a series of large poster-size black and white portraits of unknown persons on a wood barrier surrounding a storefront under construction. The person responsible for the work was A Global Participatory Art Project by JR, identified in small print at the bottom of the posters. I returned a few days later and saw that the participation continued with graffiti tags and torn areas. Several looked like they had been violently attacked. I wondered if this was expected and part of participatory art. I photographed them and became a participant myself in altering the images, a book artist approach. The web site of this group is"