Tributary Black-and-White

By Daniel Essig
Asheville, North Carolina: Daniel Essig, 2016. One-of-a-kind.

12 x 25.5 x 6" crocodile sculpture of carved and painted mahogany with miniature book in mouth. Supported on metal base with rod into underbelly of crocodile. Other materials: holly, mica, nails, handmade paper, found natural objects, lead printers type. Ethiopian and Coptic bindings.

Miniature book: 1.5 x 2"; 74 leaves. Borders of found pages creating a blank book. Recycled text pages in binding and as end pages. Wooden boards with exposed Coptic binding. Four-compartment window on front board housing shells. Signed and dated by the artist.

Eno Gallery: "The water's edge is source of inspiration for Daniel's book based sculptures, barely above or below the skin of the waterline."

Daniel Essig: "[My current body of work includes] hand-carved animals that are book based or house a miniature wooden Ethiopian binding. Many of the sculptures depict birds or fish. Currently I am carving and exploring crocodiles often with boat and bird combinations. Themes of journey, vessels, travel, protection, reverence, fate, and prophecy fill these pieces."