Team Ramey

By Benjamin D. Rinehart
Appleton, Wisconsin: Benjamin Rinehart, 2015. Edition of 10.

10” x 10” x 2.5” (closed), 10” x 20” x 9” (open); 20 pages. Processes: pressure print, letterpress, laser copy, archival pigment print. Materials: embroidery thread, mylar, acetate, and vellum paper. Drum leaf bound textblock with flatback hard cover. Neenah Paper Classic Crest Cover, Sand-Smooth papers. Wooden typefaces (Collegiate and Gothic) handset along with computer generated and printed fonts. Pop-up elements handprinted, handcut, and assembled by the artist. Bound in binders board with Iris Book Cloth. Illustration on front board.

Benjamin Rinehart: "Team Ramey explores the dynamics and ramifications of having a baby through surrogacy. It began as an innocent conversation with a friend. Despite having had a child before through adoption, we weren’t prepared for the myriad of new issues in regards to conception, doctor’s visits, the birth, legal challenges, and navigating an extended family. The playful pop-up construction methods serve as a device to lure the audience into more complex adult issues.

"Many thanks to our amazing friend and surrogate Angela for helping us expand our family. I dedicate this book to my Ramalicious, Ramey Astor."