How to Lose it All at Once

By Sara Pirkle Hughes
Tuscaloosa, Alabama: Perkolator Press, 2018. Edition of 15.

8 x 5"; 14 pages. Reduction linocut. Letterpress text. Drum leaf binding. Book design, letterpress printing, linocuts, and drum-leaf binding by Amy Pirkle. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Amy Pirkle: "How to Lose it All at Once features excerpts from a longer piece of non-fiction by my twin sister, Sara Pirkle Hughes, about the experience of losing all of her hair while going through chemotherapy at age 33. We began work on this book during the summer of 2017 at The Anderson Center in Red Wing, Minnesota, where we were surrounded by endless fields of dandelions. The dandelions transitioning from bright gold flowers to white orbs to wisps floating on the wind seemed to illustrate her text beautifully.

"Each two-page spread in the book is a full-bleed reduction linocut, with letterpress text printed on top. "