Luminous and simple

By Aimee Lee
Cleveland, Ohio: Bionic Hearing Press, 2017. One-of-a-Kind.

14 x 8 x 0.5" closed, 16.25" wide open. Inkjet prints on handmade milkweed paper with varied inclusions. Binding hand sewn with paper thread. Signed by the artist.

Aimee Lee: "This book is made entirely of milkweed paper whose fibers were hand harvested and processed. Another example of recent work where the book content is developed in the wet stages, a host of objects are embedded in each page, from woven paper to bark lace, and silk carrier rods to ink drawings on paper fragments. The narrative looks at our history of fiber and textile arts used for survival, as well as the way that we employ nature to elevate the possibilities of these techniques."

Colophon: "Luminous and simple is indebted to milkweed, which makes stunning paper.

"Made of 100% milkweed paper (harvested, processed, and made in Albion, Michigan) … Pages are made of steamed and scraped bast fiber using ssangbal tteugi while covers are made of late-season stripped and uncleaned bast fiber using webal tteugi. Inclusions: dogbane paper, persimmon juice coated paper thread weaving, mulberry bark lace, silk carrier rods and outer layer silk (some with persimmon juice), and ink on flax paper."