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In celebration of Valentine's Day, a few books in some way connected to love, romance, marriage or perhaps the heart.

Forty Forevers by Bea Nettles
Hole in my Heart by Kumi Korf
How Can I Love You? by Emily Martin
How to Love Someone Forever by Ellen Knudson
Of Boulders and Bolides by Walter Hamady
Secret Love by Amandine Nabarra-Piomelli
Soldier's Heart by Mari Eckstein Gower
Tree Heart / True Heart by Jungle Garden Press
Two Lovers on a Bench by Heavenly Monkey Press
Wedding Plans by Kristin Demer
Whirlwind Romance by Karen Hanmer
With all my love
by Jaime Lynn Shafer

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Ravishing Radishes
by Elaine Langerman


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