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nationaltoday.com: “National Photography Month was first celebrated in 1987 when Congress recognized the role photos play in our society … Photographs act like time machines. They give us a peek into our history, ancestry, and legacies from the past … Through photographs, we can relive the most momentous achievements of humankind ... Similarly, photographs also capture the injustices of our world. Photographs of wars, prison camps, and illnesses serve as warnings to not repeat history and teach us to be kinder to fellow human beings. People do not only photograph for personal use, they photograph to remember a moment as it is — sometimes becoming the most genuine representation of a time. Photographs are perhaps one of the most reliable ways to document history, and National Photo Month is a celebration of this.”

Celebrating National Photography Month through artists’ books:

Another Place Another Time
Bound Together
Bui-Doi/Did you see what I saw?
Family Resemblance
The Caretaker
Golden Gate Fog
Lake Washington Palimpsest
Mali Photo
Miller Farmstead
Mona Lisa
Paper Boats
Valle de la Pascua / El Avila (Venezuela)
Wrongly Bodied

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Widening Circles
by Terry Turrentine


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