The Short Goodbye

By Raymond Chandler
with Lisa Rappoport
{being an excerpted, expunged & expurgated rendition of Mr. Chandler's novel THE LONG GOODBYE}
Oakland, California: Littoral Press, 2011. Edition of 53.

12.25 x 8.5"; 16 pages. Printed letterpress on dampened Rives de Lin. Bound in Metallic Black & Silver covers with Hahnemühle Bugra Bütten endpapers.

A printer and typographer's noirish dream of a book.

Lisa Rappoport: "In a dark alley, Philip Marlowe runs into concrete poetry. The Short Goodbye is a short found book. Each sentence in it was borrowed from Raymond Chandler's The Long Goodbye; quotes about coffee, whiskey, guns, lips, eyes, sex, and gimlets have been formatted into thematic typographic shapes."

Lisa Rappoport, Colophon: "The Long Goodbye is a long novel by Raymond Chandler. The Short Goodbye is a short book by Lisa Rappoport, more or less a found book: Each sentence in it was found and borrowed from The Long(er) Goodbye. Chronological sequence has been preserved within each page. The type is handset Glamour Light, with noirish moments of Shadow, plus Centaur & Arrighi here. ... The photographs were shot by myself with the generous collaboration of the models, Will Shumway and Gene Tierney. Speaking of shooting, Mark Schacht used a 9mm pistol to fill the covers full of daylight."