An essay by Alfred W. Pollard
By Shinsuke Minegishi
Vancouver, British Columbia: Heavenly Monkey Press, (2004). Edition of 50.

2.5 x 3", miniature with 35 unnumbered pages. 9 postage-stamp sized engravings plus frontispiece.

Artist Shinsuke Minegishi has created a new series of wood engravings combining studies of human anatomy with his signature abstract mindscapes. Each of the ten engravings in the book is presented in the manner common to contemporary engravings in Japan: hand printed (rubbed) by the artist on gampi, then cropped and mounted on heavier rag paper. The artist's essay and biography are printed letterpress in 8-pt Gill San. The paper is Rives BFK. The book is sewn on two vellum tapes and laced into a paper cover printed with an original color lithograph by the artist. Signed by the artist on the colophon. Copy #11 of 50.

Shinsuke Minegishi, introduction: "Miniature books are not part of the tradition I come from, but the format allows me to pursue my interest in creating highly detailed images within a very small space, and also present a series of these images as a single body of work."
$275 (Last Copy)