Text by Fred Hagstrom and Joel Weisberg
St. Paul, Minnesota: Strong Silent Type Press, 2016. Edition of 31.

14 x 20"; 52 pages. Printed in relief and silkscreen. Three color intaglio cover. Printed on Frankfurt Smooth paper. Geneva type font. Text by Fred Hagstrom and Joel Weisberg. Design and printing by Fred Hagstrom. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Fred Hagstrom: "Bravo is the about the legacy of nuclear testing in the Marshall Islands. The Castle Bravo test in 1954, along with 8 years of previous nuclear tests, left the islands with terrible problems of nuclear contamination. Islanders have suffered removal from their homes, and high rates of cancers and birth defects. The U.S. government knowingly relocated them to contaminated islands."

Further Comments: "Most of the quotes come from interviews in two films – Nuclear Savage and Half Life. Some of the quotes come from articles my friend in physics found from science journals.

"The images are carved into plastic plates and printed relief. The cover is intaglio, printed from 3 collagraph plates. The end pages are relief, each printed from 4 relief plates. The only silkscreen images are for the title page and the colophon. The text is printed in silkscreen over a base of relief printing from wood. The main pages with the images each have 4 layers--3 in stages of gray, plus the black key block."
$1,000 (Last Copy)