Travelling Gabberjabb

By Walter Hamady
Mount Hebron, Wisconsin: The Perishable Press, 1996. Edition of 125.

264 x 184 x 20mm; (10.25 x 7.25 x 0.75");; 600 grams (1.25 pounds); 154 page surfaces. Printed, collaged, rubber stamped, drilled, notched, pigment patterned, (ticket) punched, numbered, signed, grommeted, scribed, ear tattooed, drawn, camouflaged or timeclocked. Hand-hard-bound by the printer/publisher with a varigated cloth spine, some printed with an anatomical spine diagram. Various old maps over boards, some obviously worn by time and use, no two alike. This copy signed and annotated by Hamady on front pastedown: "No two exactly alike — don't worry this extra note done in macular-degeneration 'Guess-a-vision' scribed by Walter the Hamady 6 July 2017".

Hamady (7/6/1917): "These books ae pristine, as issued by the printer/publisher. Unlike the secondary market they are somehow of a better upbringing."

Walter Hamady: "As the previous six volumes, this one also involves '... Iconoclasm/craft, art/daily life and sophistication grounded in physiology and earthiness ... a reflective vehicle in its ability to break and intersect narrative lines, play with syntax, integrate found materials, convey enigma, paradox and information all at once.'

"The abnormally short colophon states that the edition is 125 copies employing an unthinkable number of press runs, typefaces, ink colors, papers (hand, mould and machine-made) and a plethora of odd applications. Each copy is numbered at least nineteen times and signed ten. it may be the first Private Press book Timeclocked to enrich provenance and demonstrate 'performance' aspects. Also (it) may be a first ever to use the colophon as a job-searching want-ad and may be in contention for the longest, non-fawning dedication in the history of the book form."