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Anagram Press / Springtide Press ~ Washington
(O'Leary / Spring)
Drill, Baby, Drill 2010 (Last Copy)
Save Our Ship 2017

Bionic Hearing Press ~ Ohio
(Aimee Lee)
The Whole Duck Catalogue, bound 2016 (Last Copy)

Byopia Press ~ Canada
(Cathryn Miller)
Sredni Vashtar 2008 (Last 3 copies)
2004 (Last 3 copies)

Christopher Carroll ~ California
BUGS 1 2017
BUGS 2 2017

Crane Designs ~ Arizona
(Marian Crane)
Twilight Arc 2016

Evelyn Eller ~ New York
Glorious Sounds 2002
Unorthodox Stamp Album 2015
Touch, Somatosensory 2016

Flying Fish Press ~ California
(Julie Chen)
A Recuerdo for Ste. Ostrich 2017

Charles Ginnever ~ Vermont
Rashomon 2014

Rebecca Goodale ~ Maine
Bloodroot 2016 (Last Copy)

Karen Hanmer ~ Illinois
Celestial Navigation 2008 (Last Copy)

Heavenly Monkey Press ~ Canada
(Rollin Milroy)
Memoirs of a Bibliomidget Deluxe 2015(Last Copy)
Memoirs of a Bibliomidget Standard 2015 (Last 2 copies)

Thomas Helmers ~ Washington
On the Dream Side 2014 (Last Copy)

Ines von Ketelhodt ~ Germany
Zeit/Temps/Time 2015
Bestiarium Continuatio 2016

Peter Malutzki ~ Germany
Wenn der lahme Weber träumt er webe 2015

Marquand Editions ~ Washington
(Ed Marquand)
One Tree 2017

May Day Press ~ Washington
(Catherine Michaelis)
The Embrace of Rose 2008 (Last Copy)
The Three Sisters 2008 (Last Copy)
Erotica Botanica (standard) 2010
Flower Recipes for a Garden Party 2005 (Last Copy)

Lois Morrison ~ New Jersey
A Recuerdo for Ste. Ostrich 2017

Primrose Press ~ California
(Tia Blassingame)
Marching Lost 2012

Ragpicker Press ~ Wisconsin
(Tracey Honn)
Collaborative Postcard Prints c1989

ravenpress ~ Colorado
(Alicia Bailey)
There are names 2001

Red Parrot Press ~ California
(Barbara Milman)
The Father I Remember 2000 (Last Copy)

Scripps College Press ~ California
(Tia Blassingame, Director)
Emerge 2013 (Last 2 copies)

Shawn Sheehy ~ Illinois
Fresh Cut Xmas 2017

Stephen Sidelinger ~ Florida
Emojis 2017
Fruit Basket Turnover 2017
Iconology 2017

Spaceheater Editions ~ Arizona
(Philip Zimmermann)
Long Story Short 1999

Springtide Press ~ Washington
(Jessica Spring)
Titillating Thaumatrope

Ann Tyler ~ Illinois
Nebulae 2017
True Means 2017

Don Widmer
~ Washington
Fanny & the Doll Corpse 2016 (Last 4 copies)


Twilight Arc
by Crane Designs

A Recuerdo for Ste. Ostrich
by Flying Fish Press/ Lois Morrison

The Whole Duck Catalogue, bound (Last Copy)
by Bionic Hearing Press

Starry Night
by Byopia Press

by Scripps College Press

Memoirs of a Bibliomidget Deluxe (Last Copy)
by Heavenly Monkey Press

by Charles Ginnever

Long Story Short
by Spaceheater Editions

Unorthodox Stamp Album
by Evelyn Eller

One Tree
by Marquand Editions


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