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Alice Austin ~ Pennsylvania
COVID Year 2021 (Last 4 copies)

Karen Baldner
~ Indiana
All of Us 2022

Carla Busquets ~ Spain
Submarine view 2021
City under construction 2022
Enclosed Garden 2022
Seabed 2022

Crooked Letter Press ~ Florida
(Ellen Knudson)
Safety is not promised 2018 (Last Copy)
Illustrated Bookmaking 2021

Gracia & Louise ~ Australia
Because I Like You 2016 (Last 2 copies)
Dim Wood 2017 (Last 2 copies)
Disrupted and rumpled 2017 (Last 3 copies)
I think all the world is falling 2017 (3 copies)
No Longer Six Feet Under 2017 (3 copies)
A Warmed Pebble 2017 (Last 2 copies)

Dirk Hagner ~ California
(Inkswine Press)
Pain du Monde 2021
We Saw a Flood 2022

Art Hazelwood ~ California
Wm. Morris: The Six Conditions 2022

Diane Jacobs ~ Oregon
(Scantron Press)
Owed to the Mountain 2021

JUSTARIP ~ New Jersey
(Maryann Riker)
Happy Little Clouds 2022
It’s in the Bag 2022
The Saint of Future Dreams 2022
Tiny Terrors 2022

Krahn & Press ~ California
(Sara Press & Tiana Krahn)
Inconclusive Manual... 2022

Land Marks ~ Michigan
(Lynne Avadenka)
The House is in the Book 2021

Sammy Lee ~ Colorado
(Studio SML/k)
Picture Windows 2011 (Last Copy)

Lilliput Press ~ New York
(Carol Schwartzott)
Palmistry 2019 (Last 3 copies)
Coyote and the Shooting Stars 2022

Susan Lowdermilk ~ Oregon
HOPE? 2022

Make, Shift, Press ~ Colorado
(Seko, Robl, Guinn, Long)
Death of Rats 2022 (Last 2 copies)

Cheri Marks ~ Georgia
(Blue Section Press)
Floral and Break 2018 (Last 3 copies)

Steven McCarthy ~ Minnesota
HUMAN 2022 (Last 4 copies)

Protean Press ~ California
(Terry Horrigan)
Something Sheepish 2003 (Last Copy)

Red Hydra Press ~ Alabama
(Steve Miller)
The Devil Came to Alabama 2021 (Last Copy)

Camden Richards ~ California
The Space Between 2018 (Last 3 copies)
Stained 2018 (Last Copy)

Sam Sampson ~ New Zealand
Un Coup de Dés … (((SUN-O))) 2022

Sara Press ~ California
Inconclusive Manual… 2022

Seven Hills Press ~ Wisconsin
(Brian Borchardt)
Essay 2012 (Last 2 copies)

Carolyn Shattuck ~ Vermont
Licensing 2020 (Last 3 copies)
On the Brink 2021

Rachel Simmons ~ Florida
Antarctica: An Explorer’s Archive 2022

Ellen Sollod ~ Washington
The Book of Small Regrets 2022

Peter and Donna Thomas ~ California
HOPE? 2022

Andie Thrams ~ California
And Yet 2022
And Yet Again 2022
HOPE? 2022
Just Like Us 2022

Triangular Press ~ Oregon
(Barbara Tetenbaum)
these days 2022

Verdigris Press ~ France
(Mark Lintott & Judith Rothchild)
12 O’Clock News 2006
Aux Etats-Unis d'Amerique 2007
Ode to a chestnut on the ground 2013

And Yet book
And Yet
by Andie thrams

by Susan Lowdermilk, Peter and Donna Thomas, Andie Thrams

Essay book
Essay (Last 2 copies)
by Seven Hills Press

The Space Between  book
The Space Between (Last 3 copies)
by Camden Richards

COVID Year book
COVID Year (Last 4 copies)
by Alice Austin

Aux Etats-Unis d'Amerique book
Aux Etats-Unis d'Amerique
by Verdigris Press

The Saint of Tuture Dreams book
The Saint of Future Dreams

   Wm. Morris: The Six Conditions
    by Art Hazelwood

Coyote and the shooting Stars book
Coyote and the Shooting Stars
by Lilliput Press

Antarctica book
Antarctica: An Explorer’s Archive
by Rachel Simmons

Picture Windows book
Picture Windows (Last Copy)
by Sammy Lee


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