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Blue Bluer Books ~ North Carolina
(Josh Hockensmith)
After 2018

Dirk Hagner ~ California
Pleated Things 2018
Ship of Fools 2018

Karen Hanmer ~ Illinois
#Great Again #Believe Me 2018

Heavenly Monkey ~ Canada
(Rollin Milroy)
Definitely, Maybe & Some Day 2006
Nomi No Kai 2006 (Last Copy)
Two Volume Set: III / Sample 2010

Naughty Dog Press ~ Iowa
(Emily Martin)
King Leer 2018 (Last 2 copies)

Perkolator Press ~ Alabama
(Amy Pirkle)
How to Lose it All at Once 2018

Pie in the Sky Press ~ California
(Rebecca Chamlee)
at low water, boxed 2017

Rae's of Sun ~ California
(Rae Trujillo)
Dances With Wolves 2005 (Last Copy)
Sanity is Fluid 2008 (Last Copy)

R.D. Burton Books ~ Maryland
(R. D. Burton)
No Gas 2009 (Last 2 copies)

Mardy Sears ~ Illinois
Gules 2005

Springtide Press ~ Washington
(Jessica Spring)
Memory Lame 2018

Strong Silent Type Press ~ Washington
(Fred Hagstrom)
Bravo 2017 (Last 2 copies)
Returning Home 2018 (Last Copy)

Melissa Wagner-Lawler ~ Wisconsin
The House of Death … 2017 (Last Copy)

Joelle Leavitt Webber~ Maine
Vocabulary of Book Form 2017

by Mardy Sears

Memory Lame
by Springtide Press

at low water, boxed
by Pie in the Sky Press

Nomi No Kai (Last Copy)
by Heavenly Monkey

How to Lose it All at Once
by Perkolator Press


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