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Islam Aly ~ Egypt
Statera, Mizan 2020

Byopia Press ~ Canada
(Cathryn Miller)
Joyride 2004 (Last Copy)
Portrait of the Artist … 2006 (Last Copy)
Datura 2007 (Last 2 copies)
Stone on Stone 2009 (Last Copy)
Q-less 2012 (Last 3 copies)
The ME Ching 2013 (Last Copy)
HOME 2015 (Last 2 copies)
Westron Wind 2016 (Last 2 copies)

Coracle Press ~ Ireland
(Simon Cutts & Erica Van Horn)
The Pig Poems 1999 (Last Copy)

Sandra C. Fernández ~ New Jersey
Body in2Wishing 1992 (Last Copy)

Marlene MacCallum ~ Canada
Incidental Music 2019 (Last 2 copies)
Shadow: Travelogue 2021

Midnight Moon Press ~ California
(Ginger Burrell)
Assume the Position 2013 (Last 2 copies)
Biosphere, stnd 2019 (Last 2 copies)

Louise Neaderland ~ New York
Sadat’s Journey 1982 (Last Copy)
A MidEast Kaleidoscope 1983 (Last Copy)
Dialogues 1990 (Last Copy)
Leningrad 1992 (Last Copy)
Where can the Dark Matter Be? 1993 (Last Copy)
Information Please 2013 (Last Copy)
Natural Selections 2014 (Last Copy)
Boots on the Ground 2016 (Last Copy)
Trump Wallpaper Borders 2017 (Last Copy)

Prototype Press ~ Maryland
(Mark Sarigianis)
Consider the Oyster 2021

Mado Reznik ~ Argentina
Derecho sin Revés 2015 (Last Copy)
Regarding the death of my mother 2016 (Last Copy)

Benjamin D. Rinehart ~ Wisconsin
Daddy & Papa 2016 (Last 2 copies)
Fractured Fathers 2021

Carol Schwartzot ~ New York
(Lilliput Press)
Time is but the Stream 2020 (Last Copy)
India’s Love lyrics 2021

Rachel Simmons ~ Florida
Fractured Fathers 2021

Springtide Press ~ Washington
(Jessica Spring)
Tensile 2021

Strong Silent Type Press ~ Minnesota
(Fred Hagstrom)
White Riots 2021 (Last Copy)



Fractured Fathers book
Fractured Fathers
by Rachel Simmons

Fractured Fathers book
Fractured Fathers
by Benjamin D. Rinehart

Time is but the Stream book
Time is but the Stream (Last Copy)
by Carol Schwartzott

Body in2 wishing book
Body in2Wishing (Last Copy)
by Sandra C. Fernández

Shadow: Travelogue book
Shadow: Travelogue
by Marlene MacCallum

Biosphere book
Biosphere, stnd (Last 2 copies)
by Midnight Moon Press


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