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Alex Appella ~ Argentina
El Trueque 2001 (Last Copy)

Rebecca Goodale
~ Maine
eight neighbors 2019

Heavenly Monkey ~ Canada
(Rollin Milroy)
Kelmscott & Doves Presses (written) 2019 (One Copy)

Janus Press ~ Vermont
(Claire van Vliet)
The Silences Between 2016

Clifton Meador ~ North Carolina
One Hundred Excellent Flowers 2019

Midnight Moon Press ~ California
(Ginger Burrell)
26 Charging Stations 2014 (Last 2 copies, standard)

Old Fan Press ~ Louisiana
(Frank Hamrick)
Harder than writing … 2016 (Last Copy)
It was there all along 2019

Perishable Press ~ Wisconsin
(Walter Hamady)
Nullity 2000 (Last 4 copies)

Keri Miki-Lani Schroeder ~ Texas
Your Name is Safe 2018 (Last 3 copies)

Sheryl Oring ~ North Carolina
Collective Memory 2012 (Last Copy)
The Birthday Project 2008 (Last Copy)

Jaime Lynn Shafer ~ Nevada
In Your Hands 2014 (Last Copy)

Springtide Press ~ Washington
(Jessica Spring)
Memory Lame 2018 (Last 5 copies)

Tamar Stone ~ New York
What Mothers Want 2019

Theodora Press ~ Illinois
(Teresa Pankratz)
The Underwear Drawer 1987 (Last 3 copies)

Melissa Wagner-Lawler ~ Wisconsin
On Fragile Land 2019
Transitory 2019

Whittington Press ~ England
(John & Rose Randle)
Vance Gerry & the Weather Bird Press 2018


Nullity book
Nullity (Last 4 copies)
by Perishable Press

The Underwear Drawer book
The Underwear Drawer (Last 3copies)
by Theodora Press

El Truque book
El Trueque (Last Copy)
by Alex Appella

26 Charging Stations book
26 Charging Stations
(Last 2 Copies)
by Midnight Moon Press

eight neighbors book
eight neighbors
by Rebecca Goodale

Your Name is Safe book
Your Name is Safe (Last 3 copies)
by Keri Miki-Lani Schroeder


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