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Catbird (on the Yadkin) Press ~ North Carolina
(Terry Schupbach-Gordon)
Puppets One Ought to Know 2019

Haybarn Press ~ New York
(Ed Colker)
OPPOSED to Indifference 2012 (Last 2 copies)

Helen Hiebert ~ Colorado
Interluceo 2015 (Last 2 copies)

Kyle Holland ~ Alabama
Birds of Prey 2016
Hunted 2018
I Know the Woods 2018

Lynne Huffer & Jennifer Yorke ~ Georgia/Illinois
Wading Pool 2019

Left Coast Press ~ California
(Dorothy Yule)
Memories of Science 2011

Clifton Meador ~ North Carolina
One Hundred Excellent Flowers 2019

Midnight Moon Press ~ California
(Ginger Burrell)
26 Charging Stations 2014 (Last 3 copies, standard)

Old Fan Press ~ Louisiana
(Frank Hamrick)
Harder than writing … 2016 (Last Copy)
My face tastes … 2017 (Last Copy)
It was there all along 2019

Sheryl Oring ~ North Carolina
Collective Memory 2012 (Last Copy)
The Birthday Project 2008 (Last Copy)

Jaime Lynn Shafer ~ Nevada
In Your Hands 2014 (Last Copy)

Small Craft Advisory Press ~ Florida
(Denise Bookwalter , Director)
Oyster Boat vol 1 2018
Fashioning 2019

Spaceheater Editions ~ Arizona
(Philip Zimmermann)
Landscapes of the Late Anthropocene 2017

Springtide Press ~ Washington
(Jessica Spring)
Memory Lame 2018 (Last 5 copies)

Tamar Stone ~ New York
What Mothers Want 2019

Beth Thielen ~ New York
Out of the Blue n.d.
Sojourn 1989
American Dream 2018

Ann Tyler ~ Illinois
Billy Rabbit 2007 (Last 2 copies)

Verwandte Objekte ~ Germany
(Jule Claudia Mahn)
Related Children 2014 (Last 4 copies)

Melissa Wagner-Lawler ~ Wisconsin
On Fragile Land 2019
Transitory 2019

Whittington Press ~ England
(John & Rose Randle)
Vance Gerry & the Weather Bird Press 2018

Thomas Parker Williams ~ Pennsylvania
Revelation 2017



Memory Lame book
Memory Lame (Last 5 copies)
by Springtide Press

The Birthday Project book
The Birthday Project (Last Copy)
by Sheryl Oring

What Mothers Want book
What Mothers Want
byTamar Stone

Wading Pool book
Wading Pool
by Lynne Huffer & Jennifer Yorke

On Fragile Land book
On Fragile Land
by Melissa Wagner-Lawler

It was there all along book
It was there all along
by Old Fan Press

Revelation book
by Thomas Parker Williams

Billy Rabbit book
Billy Rabbit (Last 2 copies)
by Ann Tyler


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