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Anagram Press ~ Washington
(Chandler O'Leary)
Local conditions 2010 (Last 3 copies)

Artboard Ink ~ Arizona
(Pamela S. Wood)
The Magician's Assistant 2003 (Last 4 copies)

Bionic Hearing Press ~ Ohio
(Aimee Lee)
Savor 2018
Covered 2019
In Place Of 2019

Blue Heron Press ~ Nebraska
(Karen Kunc)
Vastness 2014 (Last 3 copies)

Cabbagehead Press ~ Arizona
(John Risseeuw)
One Night 1997 (Last Copy)
BOOM! 2011 (Last Copy)
You Can Help Yourself 2019

Catbird (on the Yadkin) Press ~ North Carolina
(Terry Schupbach-Gordon)
Puppets One Ought to Know 2019

Circle Press ~ England
(Ronald King)
Daily Translating System 1971 (Last Copy)
Cooking the Books 2002 (Last Copy)
The Burning of the Books 2008 (Last Copy)

Coracle Press ~ Ireland
(Simon Cutts/Erica van Horn)
Living Locally 2014
A Concertina of Concertinas 2019
News in Haiku II 201
Street Signs 2019

Crooked Letter Press ~ Florida
(Ellen Knudson)
Talisman 2019

Dobbin Books ~ New York
(Robbin Ami Silverberg)
Smell of winter 2014 (Last 2 copies)

Kyle Holland ~ Alabama
Birds of Prey 2016
Hunted 2018
I Know the Woods 2018

Kidney Press ~ Washington D.C.
(Sarah McDermott)
Burgle/Outskirts 2008 (Last Copy)

Lilliput Press ~ New York
(Carol Schwartzott)
Shaw Festival Garden 1993 (Last 3 copies)
April Rain 1994 (Last Copy)
Blind Men and the Elephant 1994 (Last 3 copies)
The Garden 1994 (Last 2 copies)

Midnight Moon Press ~ California
(Ginger Burrell)
26 Charging Stations 2014 (Last 3 copies, standard)

Howard Munson ~ California
The Theatre in Revolution 2019

Nawakum Press ~ Washington
(David Pascoe)
The Republic of Dreams 2019

San Quentin Arts ~ California
(Katya McCulloch, Instructor)
Bird Bath 2018 (Last 4 copies)

Ellen Sheffield ~ Ohio
The Ages of Peonies 2018 (Last Copy)

Shift-Lab ~ USA
(Baldwin, Bookwalter, Bryant, Chadwick)
REF 2019

Springtide Press ~ Washington
(Jessica Spring)
xenagogy x 2019

Strong Silent Type Press ~ Minnesota
(Fred Hagstrom)
Can't Win 2009 (Last 2 copies)

Verwandte Objekte ~ Germany
(Jule Claudia Mahn)
Related Children 2014 (Last 4 copies)

Whittington Press ~ England
(John & Rose Randle)
Vance Gerry & the Weather Bird Press 2018

by Midnight Moon Press

Puppets One Ought to Know book
Puppets One Ought to Know
by Catbird (on the Yadkin) Press

Birds of Prey book
Birds of Prey
by Kyle Holland

Vance Gerry & the Weather Bird Press book
Vance Gerry & the Weather Bird Press
by Whittington Press

Bird Bath book
Bird Bath
by San Quentin Arts

Cooking the Books
Cooking the Books (Last Copy)
by Circle Press

Blind Men and the Elephant book
Blind Men and the Elephant (Last 3 copies)
by Lilliput Press

Savor book
by Bionic Hearing Press

The Theatre in Revolution book
The Theatre in Revolution
by Howard Munson


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