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Amberwood Press ~ New York
(Nava Atlas)
History of American White Women, Deluxe 2018

Bay Park Press ~ California
(Sibyl Rubottom/Jim Machacek)
Gardens of Delight 2008 (Last Copy)

Bionic Hearing Press ~ Ohio
(Aimee Lee)
Peculiar & Commonplace 2018

Chair City Community ~ Massachusetts
(Tracie Pouliet, Project Director)
Oral History Book Series 2018

Circle Press ~ England
(Ronald King)
Cooking the Books 2002 (Last 2 copies)

Dobbin Books ~ New York
(Robbin Ami Silverberg)
Morning Prayer II 2004 (Last 2 copies)

Clifton Meador ~ North Carolina
Outport Night 2018

Heavenly Monkey ~ Canada
(Rollin Milroy)
Labour Vertue Glorie 2018

Ketone Press ~ California
(Carrie Galbraith)
Tesoro 2006 (Last 2 copies)

Marlene MacCallum ~ Canada
Shadow Series 2018
Shadow: Graffiti 2018
Shadow:Still Life 2018

Memory Press ~ New Jersey
(Maria G. Pisano)
Amor 2018

Melanie Mowinski ~ Massachusetts
Parallel Pathways 2016
Wayfinding Star 2016

Midnight Moon Press ~ California
(Ginger Burrell)
King George 2006
Elephants 2018

OEOCO ~ Alabama
(Mary Ann Sampson)
Redux 2009

Otis Laboratory Press ~ California
(Leslie Ross-Robertson, Lab Press Manager)
Through the Looking Glass 2009


Tom Scarpino ~ California
The Elephant in the Room 2018

Simply Books ~ Oregon
(Laura Russell)
Urban Poetry 2002
Create 2004 (Last Copy)

Stamp Pad Press ~ Minnesota
(Scott Helmes)
One Thousand Haiku 2013 (Last 2 copies)

Seiko Tachibana ~ California
Stagioni-Seasons 2017

Transformer Press ~ Canada
(Lise Melhorn-Boe)
Sleeping Beauty 2000 (Last Copy)
Pain 2007 (Last 2 copies)
Needle 2018
Zipper 2018

Virginia Center for the Book ~ Virginia
(Kevin McFaddin, Foundation for Humanities)
Notions 2014 (Last Copy)

Visual Studies Workshop ~ New York
(Tate Shaw, Director)
_e_scapes 2016
Ladies First 2016

Whittington Press ~ England
(John Randle)
A Slow Ride to India 2017

Women's Studio Workshop ~ New York
On the Other Side 2016

Outport Night
by Clifton Meador

Cooking the Books (Last 2 copies)
by Circle Press

Notions (Last Copy)
by Virginia Center for the Book

King George
by Midnight Moon Press

Ladies First
by Visual Studies Workshop

Shadow: Graffiti
by Marlene MacCallum

One Thousand Haiku (Last 2 copies)
by Stamp Pad Press

The Elephant in the Room
by Tom Scarpino

Morning Prayer II (Last 2 copies)
by Dobbin Books


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