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Islam Aly ~ Egypt
Mare Nostrum 2022

Julie Baugnet
~ Minnesota
(Bluestem Cottage Press)
Elsewhere 2021

Carla Busquets ~ Spain
Submarine view 2021
City under construction 2022
Enclosed Garden 2022
Seabed 2022

Contoura Press ~ Alabama
(Katharine Buckley)
The T.W.K. Monthly 2021

Crooked Letter Press ~ Florida
(Ellen Knudson)
Illustrated Bookmaking 2021

Desolate Press
~ California
(Ayin Es)
Outlander 2021 (Last Copy)

Lauren Emeritz ~ Washington DC
(Abstract Orange)
Shapes 2018
Shapes (miniature) 2018
HOPE 2021
Corita Rules! 2022

Rebecca Goodale ~ Maine
Future Tents 2022

Mari Eckstein Gower ~ Washington
Circle or Zero 2014 (Last 2 copies)
Vessel from the Place of Truth 2015 (Last Copy)
Cupid and Psyche 2016 (Last 2 copies)
Pandemic Dreams 2021
Reliquary for Martha 2022

Jihae Kwon ~ Hawaii
Abandoned Cars 2020 (Last Copy)

Barry McCallion ~ New York
Starry Night 2021

Heavenly Monkey ~ Canada
(Rollin Milroy)
This Monkey’s Gone to Heaven 2022

JUSTARIP ~ New Jersey
(Maryann Riker)
Path Ways 2020
Silken Tales 2020
Extinction Resurrection 2022

Elaine Langerman ~ Washington D.C.
La Charrette 2022

Steven McCarthy ~ Minnesota
Human 2022

Toby Millman ~ Michigan
Family Business 2019

Naughty Dog Press ~ Iowa
(Emily Martin)
Madness 2022

Louise Neaderland ~ New York
Heart of Lightness 1985 (Last Copy)
Black Holes 1997 (Last 2 copies)
23 Sins 2002 (Last Copy)

Perishable Press ~ Wisconsin
(Walter Hamady)
Gabberjabb Number 6 1988 (Last 2 copies)
Of Boulders and Bolides 1991 (Last Copy)
John’s Apples 1995 (Last 2 copies)
Traveling Gabberjabb 1996 (Last Copy)
Art in America 1998 (Last 3 copies)
Nullity 2000 (Last 2 copies)
Depression Dog 2003 (Last 4 copies)
Reflections on a Cardboard Box 2004 (Last Copy)
Hunkering the Last Gabberjabb 2006 (Last Copy)

Pie in the Sky Press ~ California
(Rebecca Chamlee)
Dreams of Flight, the nesting season 2022

Press on Scroll Road ~ Ohio
(Robert Baris)
Culinary Herbs 2019
Fernand Point 2021

Red Hydra Press ~ Alabama
(Steve Miller)
The Devil Came to Alabama 2021 (Last 2 copies)

Ellen Sollod ~ Washington
The Book of Small Regrets 2022

Springtide Press ~ Washington
(Jessica Spring)
Xenagogy x 2019 (Last Copy)
Portmandemic 2022

Strong Silent Type Press
~ New Mexico
(Fred Hagstrom)
Can’t Win 2009 (Last Copy)
Forces and Fossils 2011 (Last Copy)
When I First Arrived in Baghdad 2011 (Last Copy)
COVID Nurse 2021

Verwandte Objekte ~ Germany
(Jule Claudia Mahn)
aufräumen & abschließen 2012

Janet Zweig ~ New York
Heinz and Judy 1985
Sheherezade 1988
This Book is Extremely Receptive 1989



City under construction book
City under construction
by Carla Busquets

Dreams of Flight, the nesting season book
Dreams of Flight, the nesting season
by Pie in the Sky Press

Illustrated Bookmaking
Illustrated Bookmaking
by Crooked Letter Press

This Book is Extremely Receptive book
   This Book is Extremely Receptive
        by Janet Zweig

The T.W.K. Monthly book
The T.W.K. Monthly
by Contoura Press

Starry Night book
  Starry Night
          by Barry McCallion

The Book of Small Regrets
The Book of Small Regrets
by Ellen Sollod

Reflections on a Cardboard Box book
Reflections on a Cardboard Box (Last Copy)
by Perishable Press

Black Holes book
Black Holes (Last 2 copies)
by Louise Neaderland

Abandoned Cars book
       Abandoned Cars (Last Copy)
    by Jihae Kwon

Corita Rules! book
   Corita Rules!
        by Lauren Emeritz

Portmandemic book
        by Springtide Press


Page last update: 06.29. 2022

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