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Viking Dog Press / Claribel Cone collaborations


By Mike Heffner
Mill Valley, California: Viking Dog Press, 2009. Edition of 10.

11 x 8.5"; 30 unnumbered pages. Digital inkjet printing. Text and drawings printed on Hahnemühle Biblio. Covers of Hahnemühle with the letter 'A' tipped on front cover. Japanese stab binding.

Poetry by Mike Heffner accompanied by drawings of David Moyer.

Mike Heffner: "These drawings are by my friend David Moyer of Red Howler Press. Archimedes and I recently paid David a visit and these are his impressions from that meeting."

Viking Dog Press: "Archimedes is a sequence of poems by Mike Heffner about the great mathematician and thinker coupled with line drawings by master wood engraver David Moyer. The poems place Archimedes briefly in the present and describe his demise and legacy. The drawings by David Moyer, founder of Red Howler Press, offer a slightly skewed glimpse of the great man from a unique perspective. Together the poems and drawings bring Archimedes into focus in an unusual and compelling fashion."

"Archimedes in High School"
       Block & tackle
       kind of guy, good with tools
       good with numbers.

       I can still see him
       drawing in the sand
       with a long stick.
       Circles. ...

$377 edition with Claribel Cone artwork


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