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Verwandte Objekte ~ Germany
(Jule Claudia Mahn)

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Artist Statement: " I am a freelance book artist and self-publisher based in Leipzig, Germany. I publish limited edition artist books and print editions using various printing methods. In my books I combine imagery and text elements with experimental bookbinding techniques to tell a story and to capture the reader's imagination."

By Jule Claudia Mahn
Leipzig, Germany: Verwandte Objekte, 2018. Edition of 13

30 x 18cm; 48 pages and four fold-out pages with varying sizes. Text in English. Photographs. Pigment print onto Awagami Inbe Thin White Japanese washi paper. Bound in Hollytex non-woven fabric. Housed in a paper-covered case. Enclosed in a slipcase.

Short story by Jule Claudia Mahn accompanied by her photographs.

Jule Claudia Mahn: "Dozens of metal springs, a delicate porcelain cup handle, a strangely shaped piece of corrugated iron and an almost undamaged glass bottle — so far the last finds. The hole in the garden is now so deeply dug that the children can barely look over the edge. A discussion ensues about the origin of things and why they found their way into the earth right here. Detached from their original purpose, finds are free for associations and stories about time. In the end, each child drops a personal item into the hole before filling it again.

"This story accompanies the viewer into a frenzy of light and reflections, desolations and adhesions in partly deserted places, some barely still in use. The photographs were taken during the last ten years when traveling to places of my origin. Searching for home, you might think, but I'm starting to rearrange the pictures. Something is added, other things are taken, similar to a place, which — left to itself and brought back by nature — is in constant change.

"I imagine how, in the distant future, somebody will find something between bushes and begin to ponder what benefit that object might have once had for civilization."

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By Jule Claudia Mahn
Leipzig, Germany: Verwandte Objekte, 2016. Edition of 16.

34 x 21 cm; 44 pages. Text in English. Translation by John Brogden. Letterpress printed onto Alt Burgund handmade paper using photopolymer plates. Hand offset printed onto Munken Lynx paper. Half SnapPap binding with paper-covered boards. Housed in a slipcase. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Five vignettes written by Jule Claudia Mahn quietly exploring memory and relationships – nuggets of earlier times wrapped in rescuing cloth of memory. The title Salvage reflects the duality in the process as both noun – something extracted as from rubbish as valuable – and verb – to recue or save.

Jule Claudia Mahn: "Why did some people leave their families, when the formerly divided Germany was reunited? Can the disappearance of an anorak cause a life-long rift between a father and a daughter? And how lonesome is a goldfish in a cellar?

"Our interactions are mysterious."

Salvage book
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Today is One of Those Days
By Jule Claudia Mahn
Leipzig, Germany: Verwandte Objekte, 2016. Edition of 25.

23 x 15 cm; 24 pages. Letterpress printed onto Alt Burgund handmade paper using photopolymer plates and hot-foil embossing. Pamphlet binding. Fold-out paper wrapper. Text in English. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Jule Claudia Mahn: "To be quite honest, sometimes, when my head is absolutely spinning with the day’s events in the evening, then I allow myself a glass of wine. And later on another one whilst I continue my discussion with my friends, and then the horizon widens and I see the most amazing correlations."

Today is one of those days book
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Related Children:
Four letters to my Father, Four letters from my Father

By Jule Claudia Mahn
Leipzig, Germany: Verwandte Objekte, 2014. Edition of 16.

4 volumes in foldout case. Each book 27 x 17 cm; 16 pages. Texts in English. Translation by Kevin Perryman. Set in LL Brown Thin Italic and Reclin Thin. Printed from photopolymer plates on the FAG Control 525 in the studio of Thomas Siemon (carpe plumbum) in Leipzig on Alt Burgund, 145 g/m2 handmade Römerturm paper. Pamphlet binding. Wrapper made of folded cloth. Numbered. Signed by the artist.

Carol Ciavone, "Related Children is a book project about two childhoods: Mahn’s and her father’s. Mahn wrote her father four letters, each containing a question about his childhood growing up in Germany during WWII. While she waited for his reply, she wrote about her own childhood. The result is 4 slim volumes in one open case, illustrated with abstract drawings printed from polymer plates. … In addition to being exquisite examples of the art of bookmaking, Mahn's work is about memory, the things we cannot forget and the things we should not forget."

Jule Claudia Mahn: "Related Children is the story of two childhoods, separated by fifty years of time. A book about returning to places of memories and of farewells. … I open the letter and a small piece of paper falls out, a note saying hello and letting me know I can soon ask another question. I unfold three sheets of paper and start reading."

Related Children book
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