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Mary Laird printing as Quelquefois Press  

Making a Sacher Torte
By Diane Wakowski
1981. Edition of 225.

11.25 X 7.5"; 36 pages. Illustrations by Ellen Lanyon. Bound by Bill Anthony. Page one is on leaf which serves as front paste-down.

These are poems about preparing foods as well as the cooking, the eating, and the drinking. Papers were made to correspond to the color of the food in the poems.

'Making a Sacher Torte" is a sequel to the 1974 "Wandering tattler," but replacing birds with food, cooking, eating, and drinking.

Contents: Having replaced love with food and drink; Breakfast; My Mother's Milkman; Making a Sacher Torte; Pamela's Green Tomato Pie; Saturday Night; Ode to a Lebanese Crock of Olives; Sally Plum; Coprinus Comatus: Evening Mushrooms, Morning Milk.

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Notes Toward the Definition of David
By Joel Oppenheimer
1984. Edition of 125.

26 cm; 10 leaves with one illustration. Letterpress printed by Walter Hamady on handmade Bodleian. Sewn in two signatures onto a handmade paper wrapper of Shadwell made by Hamady. Woodcut by Scobey.

Mary Laird: "Joel came to the farm and thrilled the Hamady children by making wonderful faces. They tried to imitate him."



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Omitted Journals
By Paul Blackburn
1983. Edition of 200.

13 X 7.5"; [15] leaves. Binding by K Kuehn with help from Mary Laird.

Poems culled from the "journals" left in manuscript form at the author's death in 1971 by Robert Kelly, who edited them for publication by the Black Sparrow Press in 1975. All but one poem were previously published in Sixpack, no. 7/8, 1974.

Mary Laird: " Walter thought we cased in 25 off square and rejected them. We had to split the end sheet hand made papers and make new cases. Fortunately we actually were able to do that, due to the thickness of the paper I'd made. It was a real nightmare. Kathy is one of the most patient women I know, and a meticulous binder. She prints under the aegis of Salient Seedling Press...

"Paul was a poet's poet. He died young, 43 or 44, cancer of esophagus. He said he had a premonition."

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Song of the Sly Mongoose
By Arthur Brown
1981. Edition of 200.

8 x 5.5" 28 pages. Frontispiece by Janet Morgan. Paper made by Mary Laird. Bound in brown Shadwell made especially for the book using "cattails from a nearby marsh." Printed in gray, blue and black on blue, gray and off-white Shadwell paper.

Poet's only published work. Walter Hamady (Two Decades) referring to Arthur Brown: "His early and untimely death ... took a genuine powerful voice away from us all and I think of that loss often."

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