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Béatrice Coron~ New York

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Artist Statement: “For the last 30 years, I have been exploring visual storytelling in artist books paper cutting, animations and public art. I start any project with a concept that unfold into a story with many possible interpretations. These stories are about identities and trans-formations or how our changes are inherent to a learning process: physically, spiritually or metaphorically. My process is first to cut paper with a utility knife, sometimes the work is transposed to digital techniques for fabrication or animation. My personal history fueled my curiosity for stories and questioned my perception of realities. I have been fascinated by the relation of people to their space and the sense of belonging. Using papercutting where everything is cut from a single piece of Tyvek, the profusion of individual stories makes a coherent whole world.”
Work with poet Mick Stern  

World's Worth Words
By Béatrice Coron
New York: Béatrice Coron, 2024. Edition of 20.

3 x 4,25", 20 printed cards in hand-made casing. Images composed in Illustrator and printed commercially (with MOO).

World Worthy Words” includes twenty cards of untranslatable words from twenty different languages. With illustrative interpretations by the artist.

Béatrice Coron: 'I have always liked words that are untranslatable and specific to a culture. For this work I picked twenty words from twenty different languages. Each image has something specific of the culture. For example, 'Bella Figura' references Dolce Vita, Roman Holidays, and coffee. 'Débrouillard' references the famous photo of the Eiffel Tower by painter Marc Riboud. I changed the cigarette to a pipe in reference to Jacques Tati. The Czech illustration references Milan Kundera. Others are more open to interpretation.”

World's Worth Words book
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The Whole Duck Catalogue
Cutting: Béatrice Coron
Editioning: Aimee Lee
Field Notes: Béatrice& Mick Stern
Deer Isle, New York: Bionic Hearing Press, 2016. Varied edition of 6.

9.5 x 8.5"; 18 leaves. Pen and thread on abaca paper. Tyvek paper cuttings. Laid in four-flap marble-paper folder with thread tie closure. Numbered.

The varied edition of 6 consists of four versions that are made to be hung and two that were bound into books.

Aimee Lee: "This edition is a collaboration with Béatrice Coron, who provided the paper cuttings and text. Each cutting is laminated between two thin sheets of premium abaca, and the top and bottom of each sheet sewn to create a sleeve for a dowel. This catalogue of 18 'pages' can be read in any order or displayed hanging on dowels in any configuration, reminiscent of bird blinds."

Aimee Lee has a love affair with handmade paper and with ducks. She makes Korean weddings ducks woven out of hanji which are dyed with natural dyes. Béatrice Coron has a love for paper and the wonderful shadows that come out to play when cut. These two book artists brought together their talents and loves to produce this whimsical piece based on texts by Mick Stern.

Sitting Duck: He can’t Fly and is endangered!
Duck Soup; The Mick Brothers favorite Lunch.
Duckster: Shut your beak while I’m quacking.
Peking Duck: The only duck whose natural habitat is a Chinese restaurant.
Duck Ellington: Hot jazz in a cool pond.
Redux: When ducks repeat themselves.

$1200 Loose version (Last Copy)



The Whole Duck Catalogue
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Collaborations between artist Béatrice Coron and poet Mick Stern

The Scribe
By Illustrations by Béatrice Coron
Poem by Mick Stern
New York: Béatrice Coron , 2014. Edition of 3.

11 x 7.5" with paper covers. Hand-cut illustrations on Arches paper. Printed poem.

Of this text Coron said that it was the first poem from Stern that she liked so much that she did papercuts for it. The text begins with “I was the scribe of the tribe/ preserved songs / of heroic deeds” then fifteen lines later “we no longer need scribes/ clean off you desk and get rid of those / mythologies, legends and fairy tales. / The bookkeeper wants your office.” Coron’s papercuttings begin with the scribe at his desk toiling away and ends with the scribe walking away with his knapsack on a stick across his shoulder.

Are we going to lose our myths and songs as new generations come along? I certainly hope not.

Béatrice Coron, web site: “Mick Stern is an artist and writer living in New York City. Stern received a PhD in English Renaissance Literature from New York University. He has taught English at Rutgers and other colleges. For more than twenty years, he taught screenwriting at NYU’s film school. A book review said about him: ‘Mick Stern's poems are clever, deep and humorous, real treat to read.’”


The Scribe book
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L'Horloge [The Clock]
Poem by Theophile Gautier
Translation by Mick Stern
Book design by Béatrice Coron
New York: Béatrice Coron, 2001. Edition of 25.

4.5 x 4.5 x 2" black cloth box with an old round clock attached to the lid interior via magnet. Box houses a single folded sheet with an English translation of "The Clock" by Theophile Gautier, and a fold out 4.25 x 4" fold-out book "Vulnerant Omnes Ultima Necat." Stenciled images. Printed poem.

Coron's “L’Horloge” was one of the books featured in the exhibit "30 Years The Center for Book Arts" in 2005 at The Center for Books Arts in New York City. Jae Rossman, curator of the exhibit, describes “L’Horloge” in this way ...”explores a way to embody what is normally only a perception: the unfolding of time. The pages of this book are cut and folded in an ingenious way so that the reader must literally unfold the book, which repeatedly reveals the face of a clock with varying real or metaphorical depictions of time."

The Gautier poem tells of a stop by a church. On the door of the rundown building is a clock. Upon this rustic clock are four Latin words which translate to “Each hour takes its toll and the last ends!”.



L'Horloge The Clock book
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