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Islam Aly ~ Egypt
The Tapestry of Dreamweaver

Francois Deschamps ~ New York
Artifacts of the City
Model Theory

Dry Inc ~ New York
(Richard Kegler)
The Aries Press of Eden, New York
The Faces of Victor Hammer
A Specimen of Type

Ayin Es ~ California
(Desolate Press)
Medicine Dan (Last 3 copies)

Etc. Press ~ Georgia/Germany
(Daniela Deeg and Cynthia Lollis)
Sammlungen / Collections

Hot Tomato Press ~ Minnesota
(Erica Spitzer Rasmussen)
A Blessing and a Curse: The History of Menses

Lisa Kokin ~ California
Character Study
Habeas Corpus
PMS Handbook
Sí Fidel
What I didn’t Learn in Hebrew School

Kumi Korf ~ New York
Waves at My Side

never mind the press ~ California
(Alisa Golden)
Birds of the Bible: Bearded Vulture
Birds of the Bible: Quail
Birds of the Bible: Raven

Ellen Shattuck Pierce ~ Massachusetts
The Covid Chronicles

Preacher’s Biscuits ~ New York
(Tate Shaw)
Ordinary Curtains (Last 2 copies)

Prototype Press ~ Maryland
(Mark Sarigianis)

Carolyn Shattuck ~ Vermont
Aboriginal Australian Art

Jana Sim ~ Korea
Korean Traditional Door Patterns

Small Craft Advisory Press ~ Florida
(Denise Bookwalter, Director)

Ellen Sollod ~ Washington
Lake Washington Palimpsest (Last Copy)
Resist (Last Copy)

Tom Virgin ~ Florida
Questionnaire for Two Pussies

Gail Wight ~ California
(Salt Point Press)
Copepodilia Collectanea
Restless Dust Postcards
Restless Dust (Last 3 copies)

Caroline Garcia Ziegler ~ Louisiana
A Gaggle of Hoodlums

A Blessing and a Curse: The History of Menses book
A Blessing and a Curse: The History of Menses
by Hot Tomato Press

Ordinary Curtains book
Ordinary Curtains (Last 2 copies)
by Preacher’s Biscuits

Copepodilia Collectanea book
Copepodilia Collectanea
by Gail Wight

Birds of the Bible: Quail book
Birds of the Bible: Quail
by never mind the press

by Small Craft Advisory Press

A Specimen of Type books
A Specimen of Type
by Dry inc

Medicine Dan book
Medicine Dan (Last 3 copies)
by Ayin Es

Model Theory book
Model Theory
by Francois Deschamps

The Covid Chronicles book
The Covid Chronicles
by Ellen Shattuck Pierce


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