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Julie Baugnet ~ Minnesota
(Bluestem Press)
We’ve Been Here Before 2021 (Last Copy)
Staying the Winter 2023

Catbird (on the Yadkin) Press ~ North Carolina
(Terry Schupbach-Gordon)
Endless Forms Most Beautiful 2015

Deeply Game Publications ~ California
(Sara Press)
Evolve = unroll 2012
Girls vs. Books 2022

Insiya Dhatt ~ California
Alice in Wonderland 2022

Nancy Edelstein ~ Washington
Friday Night Dinners 2019

Jules Remedios Faye ~ Washington
(Grey Spider Press)
Small World Alphabet 1992 (Last 2 copies)

AB Gorham ~ Nevada
Unidentified Found Object Song 2022

Naughty Dog Press ~ Iowa
(Emily Martin)
Is That What You’re Wearing? 2010 (Last 2 copies)

Old Fan Press ~ Louisiana
(Frank Hamrick)
I want to believe 2013 (Last 3 copies)
Record 2014 (Last 3 copies)

Jan Owen ~ Maine
Black White 2022
The Mind’s Eye 2022 (Last Copy)

Preacher’s Biscuits ~ New York
(Tate Shaw)
Placeholders Volume 1 2007
Placeholders Vol 2 2021

Kerri Miki-Lani Schroeder ~ Texas
(Coyote Bones Press)
Hidden Spectacle 2022 (Last Copy)

Rachel Simmons ~ Florida
Orlova 2022

Placeholders Vol 2 book
Placeholders Vol 2
by Preacher’s Biscuits

Orlova book
by Rachel Simmons

Small World Alphabet book
Small World Alphabet (Last 2 copies)
by Jules Remedios Faye

Alice in Wonderland book
Alice in Wonderland
by Insiya Dhatt

Girls vs. Books
Girls vs. Books
by Deeply Game Publications


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