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Alicia Bailey ~ Colorado

Bird Press ~ Massachusetts
(Thorsten Dennerline)
Lover Loser (Last 2 copies)

Savannah Bustillo ~ Minnesota
Hoops and SPF 50 (Last 3 copies)

Ch’An Press ~ Washington DC
(Irene Chan)
Textile History Paper Doll Barbie (Last 2 copies)

Aimee Lee / Beatrice Coron ~ Ohio/New York
The Whole Duck Catalogue (Last Copy)

Lauren Emeritz ~ Washington DC
(Abstract Orange)
SPACE: Known/Unknown

Gina Fowler ~ South Carolina
(The Puzzled Press)
An Ideal Nowhere

Rebecca Goodale ~ Maine
Back Then and Now (Last 2 copies)

Frank Hamrick ~ Louisiana
(Old Fan Press)
When the light becomes eternal

Helen Hiebert ~ Colorado

Hannah Moog ~ Virginia
First Light Flickers
Night Flyers
Small Loves

Jihae Kwon ~ Hawaii
You are with me (Last Copy)

Darren Marsh ~ England
We came from the Stars

Sarah Matthews ~ Maryland
SPACE: Known/Unknown

Clifton Meador ~ North Carolina
(Studio of Exhaustion)
Empty Throne
Preparation Throne

Erin Moore ~ New York
Five Fonts Inspired by Lesbian Handwriting
Lesbian Lettering Poster Collection of 5
(Last Copy)

Jeffrey Morin ~ Wisconsin
Singing for our Lives

Louise Neaderland ~ New York
Information Please, standard (Last Copy)

Carrie Scanga ~ Maine
Back Then and Now (Last 2 copies)
The Last Dinner Party

Set in Motion Press ~ California
(Casey Gardner)
From Colorado to the Karakoram

Shandy Press ~ Pennsylvania
(Susan Viguers)
The Thing Is, You Guys

Rachel Simmons ~ Florida
Dream of the Golden Empress

Stephanie Wolff ~ Vermont
The Pocket Sky Atlas

Women’s Studio Workshop ~ New York
(Michelle A M Miller)

You are with me book
You are with me (Last Copy)
by Jihae Kwon

Erebid/Materia book
by Women’s Studio Workshop

Back Then and Now book
Back Then and Now (Last 2 copies)
by Rebecca Goodale

The Last Dinner Party book
The Last Dinner Party
by Carrie Scanga

Empty Throne book
Empty Throne
by Clifton Meador

An Ideal Now here book
An Ideal Nowhere
by Gina Fowler

We came from the Stars book
We came from the Stars
by Darren Marsh

SPACE: Known/Unknown book
SPACE: Known/Unknown
by Lauren Emeritz & Sarah Matthews


Page last update: 09.16.2023

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