Aliquando Press- Canada
(Will Rueter)
The Gospel According to Inglis
The Triumph of the Alphabet
Work and Beauty

Amberwood Press – New York
(Nava Atlas)

The Literary Ladies Guide

Alex Appella – Argentina
El Trueque (Sold)
What are you doing here?

Artboard Ink, Ltd – Arizona
(Pamela Wood)
The Mythical Science Book (Sold)

Alice Austin – Pennsylvania
Red, Yellow, Blue

Bay Park Press – California
(Sibyl Rubottom/Jim Machaceks)

The ABC of Yiddish, digital

Blue Bluer Press- North Carolina
Guide to Miracle Making
Heart Sutra, remix
I Ching #64

Byopia Press – Canada
(Cathryn Miller)

Sredni Vashtar

Catbird (on the Yadkin Press) – North Carolina
(Terry Schupbach-Gordon)

Everyone Sang (last 2 copies)
Just Like Always, broadside

Coracle Press – Ireland
(Simon Cutts & Erika Van Horn)

A Concertina of Concertinas
Living Locally
Street Signs

Fernwerks – Minnesota
(Wendy Fernstrum)

Household Objects
A Poem

Karen Hanmer – Illinois
America’s Most Wanted
Flip Farm

John Hastings – Washington
Chameleon (Sold)
What's the Word? (Sold)
When You Were a Girl

Helen Hiebert – Colorado
Together by Circumstances

Kyle Holland – Alabama
I Know the Woods Come Alive

Hunger Button – California
(Nanette Wylde)

Yellow exceed timid

Inky Press – Illinois
(Bea nettles)


Jenny Press – Connecticut
(Jae Rossman)

The Activated Page
By Chance

JUSTARIP – New Jersey
(Maryann Riker)

3 Cooks in the Kitchen (Last Copy)
BUTTon Book
Pearlessence (Last 2 copies)

Christopher Maddox – Wisconsin

May Day Press – Washington
(Catherine Michaelis)

Gardening by the Moon and Stars (Sold)
Old Flames Mismatched (Sold)
The Scientist Who Reveals Water …

Clifton Meador – North Carolina
(Shandy Press)
Kandze Village
One Hundred Excellent Flowers
Three Tibetan Bookstores

Judith Mohns – New York

Charlotte Murray – Washington
The Handwriting on the Wall

Naughty Dog Press – Iowa
(Emily Martin)
Sweet Dreams

Heidi Neilson – New York
Home Planetarium survey
On Safari
Tranquility Base

Bea Nettles – Illinois
Oxbow ABC

Notta Pixie Press – Washington
(Jenny Craig)

Papyrus Productions – New York
(Francois Dechamps)
Concours d’entrée
A Guide to Antipodea
Mail Photo

Pequeno Press – Arizona
(Patrice Baldwin)
Lady Azurite

Preacher’s Biscuit Books – New York
(Tate Shaw)
Finite Sets
The Placeholders

Protean Press – California
(Terry Horrigan)
This is Mine

Quite Contrary Press – California
(Mary Marsh)
Extra Extra! Edition

Red Hydra Press – Alabama
(Steve Miller)
To Sit with Animals

Jenn Rodgriquez – Virginia

SF Center for the Book – California
God's Femur

Miriam Schaer – New York
The Posture Queen
Rules of Engagement

Scripps College Press – California
(Tia Blassingame, Director)

Shandy Press – Pennsylvania
(Susan Viguers)
Aesop’s Fables (Last Copy)

Rachel Simmons – Florida
Never Flinch

Spaceheater Editions – Arizona
(Philip Zimmermann)
Bodies ‘n’ Type
The Redacted Mother Goose
Sure As Death

Springtide Press – Washington
(Jessica Spring)
Horse Power: Pony Edition
More Wine!

Peter and Donna Thomas – California
Beauty (Last Copy)
Gipsy Caravan
Song of Creation

Transformer Press – Canada
(Lise Melhorn-Boe)
Breast Cancer Journal
Penelope’s Apron
Toxic Kids

Triangular Press – Oregon
(Barbara Tetenbaum)
A close Read
Old-Time Film
Specimen Book

Suzanne Thomas Weinert – California
Just Because I’m Blonde
Santa Cruz ABCs
The wine

Heather Weston – England
Defeating the Object

Thomas Parker Williams – Pennsylvania
Hexatonic Prime
Venezia a febbraio

Windowpane Press – Washington
(Bonnie Thompson Norman)
Be the Change
Hidden Agenda (Last Copy)
Step by Step