Jasper's 72 Triangles book
Jasper 's 72 Triangles

By Thomas Parker Williams
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Thomas Parker Williams, 2011. Edition of 40.

7.5 x 8.5 x .5" closed, opens to 22" x 25.5". Reduction linocut print with metal pigments on paper mounted onto Tyvek. Laid in Mylar case. Single triangular sheet for colophon and instructions. Housed in a cream-colored heavy paper envelope. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Thomas Parker Williams: "Jasper's 72 Triangles is an artist book inspired by the recent 'Number' reliefs by Jasper Johns.

“Starting with the concept of a single number in a discrete area, in this case a double-sided triangle, and then connecting 36 double-sided triangles together, the book-painting becomes dynamic by folding into many different configurations of triangles for display.

“The work uses only the numbers of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 0. Adding the displayed numbers together results in a sum that is a multiple of 12 or 36 or 72 in many of the possible triangle combinations.

“A folding diagram is provided as an aid to returning the book to its correct folded state to fit into its Mylar case."