Buchstablich book
buchstäblich Buch
eine Autobibliographie

By Peter Malutzki
Flörsheim / Offenbach: Peter Malutzki, 2017. Edition of 500.

9 x 12"; 160 pages. Design by Peter Malutzki. Photography by Ines von Ketelhodt. Text in German and English. Translations into English by Emily Banwell. Bound in lightweight paper covers with printed dust jacket.

A catalog prepared for an exhibition of the artist's work at the Klingspor Museum (Offenbach, Germany) from 5 March to 15 April [2017]. The exhibition catalog begins with an introduction by the artist, the explanations of the works are written by him, the epilogue is by the head of the museum, Stefan Soltek. Each book has the bibliographic information, the artist's description of his thought behind the work and color images of the book.

Klingspor Museum: "For 35 years, Peter Malutzki has devoted himself to book art and is one of the protagonists of the contemporary artist's book. The books of his Flugblatt Press are almost completely assembled in the Klingspor Museum, as well as the 50-volume book art project 'Second Encyclopedia of Tlön', which he created between 1997 and 2006 together with the book artist Ines von Ketelhodt. His books are often collages from a variety of finds, both textual and pictorial Art. He collects almost in Schwitter's sense, arranges, revises and places the found things conceptually in new contexts. In this way, maps are transformed into faces, transforming prints from old stereotypes into new figures, and a medieval book of hours becomes a 21st-century book art work through digital alienation."