Inside Jokes book
Inside Jokes

By Wagner-Lawler, Melissa and Jay Fox
Fort Smith, Arkansas: [redthreadletterpress], 2023. Edition of 30.

3.25 x 6". Removable pocket covers. Book laid in wrapper. One sheet book with multiple cuttings. Signed by both artists. Numbered.

Jay Fox: "’Inside Jokes’ is a collaborative work by Jay Fox and Melissa Wagner-Lawler produced in the Spring of 2023 at the University of Arkansas - Fort Smith. This artist book uses a single-sheet structure housed in a removable pocket cover. On the recto, using color and typographic ornaments, a coded language is presented as the ultimate inside joke. On the verso, the words INSIDE JOKES are printed in bold text in a cascading manner, reminding the viewer that they are not privy to the joke."