8t bags About The Natural World book
8t Bags About The Natural World

By Michael Koppa
Viroqua, Wisconsin: Heavy Duty Press, 2022. Edition of 88.

11 x 7 cm; 28 pages. Printed in 4 colors. The handset type is primarily genuine ATF Century Expanded, Oldstyle, and Schoolbook, but also includes every last font of the type inventory held by The Heavy Duty Press as of January 2022. Printed silently with Spiffy the Vandercook SP 15 on Kitakata paper and bound by hand with a pamphlet stitch, tucked into Bugra covers, and slipped into muslin tea bags screen printed by The Factory in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Signed and numbered by Koppa.

Michael Koppa: "Eight quotations from eight tea bags amidst eighty Bags set in eighty fonts, annotated for reference in the title “Just my type: Specimens from the Type Store at Der Klubhaus”.

“One morning, while steeping my tea and reading an inspirational quotation, it occurred to me that it would be a sweet relief to create a simple a book comprised of a few tea bag quotes on a single sheet of paper. Lovely, another book in the queue. From that point on, I started saving the quotes, until I had enough to decide upon a theme. Easy: Nature.”

For more information and the back story of printing “8t Bags About The Natural World” see “The Long Story Behind the Short Book”