Artifacts of the City book
Artifacts of the City

By Francois Deschamps
New Paltz, New York: Francois Deschamps, 2023. Open Edition.

8 x 6"; 440 pages. Soft cover. Digitally printed on plain paper.

Artist Statement: “The book ‘Artifacts of the City’ is an extension of the idea of looking at a city, in this case New York City, as a set of model-like images and objects. This book, made in a three month residency in New York City in 2023, presents urban reality as a catalog of visual objects or models. These are often juxtaposed with real art work from museums raising questions concerning the nature of art and our perception of reality in public spaces. The book … digitally printed on plain paper printed a light beige color to create the illusion of a strange kind of paper.”