Five Fonts book
Five Fonts Inspired by Lesbian Handwriting [Second Edition]
a type specimen and history zine

By Erin Moore
[Rosedale, New York]: Erin Moore, 2023. Second Edition of 160.

5.5 x 8.52"; 16 pages. Risograph and screenprint. Saddle- stitched binding. Numbered.

Handwritten fonts used in the publications of early gay press items. The five fonts in this pamphlet are from "Lavendor Woman", "Ain't I a Woman?", "the leaping lesbian", "The Black Lesbian", and "Lavender Vision".

An updated version of the original version of "Five Fonts Inspired by Lesbian Handwriting" produced in 2022. This version has the same content and paper, just different colors and a "slightly tweaked" cover page.