Words for the World book
Words for the World

By Edward H. Hutchins
Cairo, New York: Ed Hutchins, 1995. Edition of 250.

3 x 6" tin pencil box illustrated with a map of the world. Contains 15 sharpened pencils. Printed folded paper lays in box with acknowledgements and text translations. Signed by the artist.

Ed Hutchins, Book Dynamics: "The United Nations designated 1995 as the Year for Tolerance. 'Words for the World, a collection of thoughts to promote cooperation and understanding, is my contribution to that effort. Supportive messages in English and other languages are commercially silk-screened on sharpened pencils to encourage the writing of new messages. The text is in English on one side of each pencil and in another language on the reverse side. The languages used include Afrikaans, Arabic, Berber, Chinese, Ethiopian, Esperanto, French, Hebrew, Hindi, Korean, Malay, Russian, Spanish, Vietnamese, and Zulu. I wrote the text and located translators through the Book Arts List and the Mid-Hudson Library System Bulleting. The set includes 15 imprinted pencils, a brochure listing the expressions and translations, and a printed tin box to hold everything. Will we ever learn how to wage peace and tolerance as effectively as we wage war?"