Chromo Stew book
Chromo Stew

By Edward H. Hutchins
[Chatham, New York]: Editions, 2009. Edition unstated.

7 x 7 cm; 32 loose panels. In folding paper case with slip and slot closure. Signed by the artist on the interior of the cover.

Panels mix, combine, connect, and simmer into a sizzling, sweeping swirl of hues.

Instructions for two methods of playing "Chromo Stew".

The Game Version can be played with more than one person. "Pick one of the color lines, turn the cards over, and then take turns revealing a new card. How many turns before your color disconnects?" Individual play "Lay out the cards in any order - keeping the pink section above he yellow section. Then, mix up the cards and deal yourself a new batch of ‘Chromo Stew’.”