Of Lichen & Moss book
of Lichen & Moss

Drawings by Kate Van Houten
with writings by Erica Van Horn
Clonmel, Tipperary, Ireland: Coracle, 2022. Edition of 300.

32 pages; 125 x 140 mm. Digitally printed. Casebound paper over boards.

"of Lichen & Moss" features drawings by Kate Van Houten which accompany short vignettes by Erica Van Horn.

Kate Van Houten has collaborated on Coracle publications before such as "In Nannycatch Beck". She has an interest in nature and natural materials. We often overlook these small offerings of the natural world but she brings them forward with her art.

Vignette by Erica Van Horn, Entry 3: “Every stone in the dry stone wall is covered in moss. The vertical wall is green and soft and undulating. The moss makes it impossible to focus on the edges of the stones.”

Vignette, Entry 7: “I have been amassing a collection of silvery lichen up near the orchard. Each time I walk past I add a few more pieces of lichen or else I add a stick that some lichen attached to it….”