A Brief History of the Kimono book
A Brief History of the Kimono

By Carol Schwartzott
Freeville, New York: Lilliput Press, 2019. Edition of 12.

4” x 4” x 1/2” with digitally printed and hand-colored Japanese prints. Japanese Chiyogami papers. Boxed in a fold-out paper case with plexi rod closure. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Carol Schwartzott: "'Kimono' uses images from the golden years of Japanese prints….Lovely geisha and other images that provide the viewer with a very brief history of the Kimono. The book has sewn segments that pull-out in an accordion to provide access to each folded and stitched segment. Each segment provides a thought statement about the kimono and uses a different chiyogami pattern. The box itself resembles a triangular wing-like design that fold origami-like to cover and protect the little book. A plexiglass rod slides across the cover to hold the flaps together."

"A Brief History of the Kimono" is a return to Schwartzott' s interest in this form of Japanese clothing. The use of paper and design for this new work is just as compelling as her earlier more structural book "Kimono/kosode: a decorative study of the kimono".