Taxi Bamako book
Taxi Bamako

ByFrancois Deschamps
[New Paltz, New York]: Papyrus Productions, 2012. Edition not stated.

9 x 7"; 70 pages. Perfect bound. Glossy covers.

Francois Deschamps: "Bamako, Mali, 2010-11. He always rode in the front seat to engage the drivers in conversations, to better see outside, and to examine the items displayed on the dashboard as the crumbling taxis sat stalled in traffic or careened along the dusty city streets. The dashboard became a metaphor for the driver as he negotiates the dangerous and complex roads of the capital. The chance juxtapositions of interior and exterior were a metaphor for Deschamps’ experience in Bamako, inside a mobile cage, close yet separated from the reality outside."