Shock and Awe book
Shock and Awe

By Louise Neaderland
New York: Louise Neaderland, 2003. Edition of 150.

8.75 x 5.25"; 7 pages. Accordion fold. Black-and-white inkjet.

Photo collages combined with found text draws parallels between ancient and modern history.

Louise Neaderland: "This book opens with an engineering drawing of a B-2 bomber raining rockets down on Iraq and ancient Sumerian gods going into battle. The remaining four pages show Babylonian artifacts, reliefs of battles, and prophesies from 600 BC in front of news photos of death and destruction in invasion of Iraq."

The irony and bombast of the "Shock and Awe" campaign is more evident today [August, 2010] than when the artist created this aptly cheap book.