Alchemy book

or 32 lbs of Spartan
or How to Make Money with Worn-out Type
By Augustine Maxwell Jones
Concept, design, and printing by Michael Kopp
St. Francis, Wisconsin: 2002, Heavy Duty Press. Edition of 60.

16 pages printed with black and gold ink using the simple three-hole pamphlet stitch. Letterpress and screen printing. Signed and numbered by the artist.

This is the first concept book from Heavy Duty Press. The idea presented itself moments before dumping a case of worn-out and dirty 14-point Spartan in the hell box. The text was completely improvised in the composing room with the single goal of setting every last lead soldier in the case on his feet and printing a book with the entire army before turning it into the scrap yard for the current rate of 19 cents per pound. Useless engravings from the collection adorn each page. A challenge to read, it is about making the most out of junk.

For all typophiles.