By Sammy Seung-Min Lee and Joshua Bergeron
Denver, Colorado: 2015, SML/k Studios. Edition of 30.

6.5 x 4.5 x 3.25" case made with binder's board, a photographic filter, book cloth, leather, camera strap, and magnetic closure. Includes pamphlet (5.9 x 3.9"; 14 pages + Turkish map fold double page; sewn binding) with essays by both artists and map of city. 32 double-sided photo panels with tyvek and thread binding. Signed by the artists. Numbered.

Sammy Lee: "Collaborative artists' book project with Joshua Bergeron, a Boulder-based photographer. …A book with documentary style, thirty-two photos capturing quotidian scenes from the streets of Old Delhi, India.

"The book’s viewing sequence and binding structure are based on the photographer’s trail through the alleys of Old Delhi. Photo panels unfold left, right or sometime both directions, reminding the viewer of his roundabout journey. Rather than a finished photo album or edition, the collapsed book also looks like a casual stack of loose prints, or a pile of raw experiences, contained inside a black case reminiscent of early Kodak Brownie cameras from the 1900s. The shape is a reminder that the work is a vessel, carrying visceral experiences and memories. A strap that attaches to the box adds portability to this effect, allowing the viewer to engage further with the work by wearing it around the neck.

"With no intention to filter the reality of Old Delhi, Bergeron’s immersive images often depict harsh or abject conditions, but with an honesty that is quite beautiful. One cannot help but visualize taking his place, negotiating the tight alleyways saturated with new textures, colors, smells, sounds, and tastes."