A Casual Commentary
(Front Seat USA)

By Marnie Powers-Torrey
Salt Lake City, Utah: Marnie Powers-Torrey, 1999. Edition of 15.

7.875 x 11"; 22 pages. Twentieth Century Medium Italic typeface. Handset and printed on an Asbern letterpress at the University of Utah. The photographs are gum bichromate prints, photolithographs, and intaglio prints from photopolymer plates. Concertina structure bound in boards covered in texture black paper.

A cross-country road trip, recounted and pictured with bleary perception.

Marnie Powers-Torrey: "Visual and verbal snap shots taken through the lens of a car window by a twenty-something traveling across country. Individual stops are connected by the long road of the concertina spine."

Text excerpt: "Each day on the road will pass while you watch out the window. Every morning you begin where the night left you, and by evening you have seen enough to fill three states. The days conjoin in your mind, forming a condensed conception of your collective experiences (which you will refer to as your trip across country)."