Townsite House

By Marlene MacCallum
Corner Brook, NL, Canada: Persnickety Press, 2006. Edition of 15.

10 x 10"; pages. Embossed leather covers. Fourteen photogravure images and three lith film images. Text and house plan screenprinted. Front flyleaf lace paper pasted to Moriki Title paper and house plan screenprinted on double matt mylar. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Marlene MacCallum: "Townsite House was inspired by the experience of living in Corner Brook, NL's Townsite area. Four different models of homes were built in the 1920-30's by the pulp and paper mill for their management and skilled labor. I photographed in five homes, all the same model as the one I live in. The book work sets out to provide the viewer with a visual equivalence of the uncanny experience of being in homes that are the same yet not the same as mine."

Marlene MacCallum: "By using photogravure, the images function simultaneously as a document, or a photographic record, and a constructed memory, the printed artifact. This creates the dynamic of disjunction that is key to this piece."