Glaze: Reveal and Veiled

By Marlene MacCallum
Corner Brook, NL, Canada: Marlene MacCallum, 2012. Edition of 100.

8.25 x 8.25 x 8.25; 56 pages. Handsewn quarter bound codex in a dos-à-dos structure with a wrapper. Digital inkjet printing. Illustrated covers and wrapper on coated tyvek. Signed and numbered.

Marlene MacCallum: "Glaze: Reveal and Veiled is one of a series of book works inspired by the experience of living in Corner Brook's Townsite area on the west coast of the island of Newfoundland. It presents 24 images of Townsite windows grouped into two distinct sequences. The structure is a dos a dos and each side offers a different visual metaphor for memory. The closed book is contained within a wrapper and the viewer has the option of choosing which side to enter first. Each begins similarly with endpapers made from scans of window curtains followed by line drawings of the window frames as the graphic for the title pages. Moving into Glaze: Reveal, the viewer is presented with a spread consisting of a blank white space on the verso and dense black on the recto. Turning the page, the next spread presents an image of a window on the verso and a dense black field on the recto with a glimmer of light appearing. As the viewer continues to move through the pages, each spread reveals a new window image that has been visually peeled away from the densely layered recto. The layering slowly becomes visible revealing the final presentation of single images. In contrast, moving into Glaze: Veiled the viewer begins with window image that is layered with the previous title page line drawing. In the next spread, the same window is presented alone on the verso. The recto side layers the previous images as well as introducing the upcoming image. The viewer experiences a visual deja vu each time the pages turn. The progress through the work results in ever more layered and veiled images. This work received special recognition of merit at the 2013 Minnesota Center for Book Arts Book Prize."
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