By Marlene MacCallum
Corner Brook, Newfoundland, Canada: Marlene MacCallum, 2013. Edition of 14.

10.25 x 5.125"; 30 pages. Accordion structure. Fifteen photogravure plates handprinted on Somerset paper. Closed into a codex form by sewing across the spine into the end pages. Soft pocket-structure cover inkjet printed on coated tyvek. Slipcased. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Marlene MacCallum: "Corner is the final bookwork in a series inspired by living in Corner Brook's Townsite area on the west coast of Newfoundland. Between 1924-34 the pulp mill built 150 homes to house the mill management and skilled laborers. I have photographed in several Townsite homes, all the same type-4 model as the one I live in, allowing me the rare opportunity to record the evolution of interior aspects of these homes.

"The experience of Corner begins with the brick shaped slipcase containing the book. Slipping the book out, it rests comfortably within the hand. The images on the cover position the viewer outside the home. Turning to the end pages, the viewer moves inside the personal space. The first spaces are entryways and then the viewer is led deeper into the home; from sparsely furnished entrances the images gradually move us into the more densely filled and layered living spaces. The perspective within each echoes the perspective of the book pages. The gutter coincides with the represented corner, creating interplay between the architecture of the book and of the imagery. Each page spread cradles an unoccupied space charged with implied conversations between absent inhabitants."