By Louise Levergneux
South Jordan, Utah: Louise Levergneux, 2011. Edition of 18.

11.5 x 4" closed, opens to 20"; 14 pages. Flag structure with accordion folded spine. Digitally printed on an Epson Stylus Photo 2200. Created in Photoshop with Helvetica Neue and Zapfino fonts. Printed on Entrada rag paper. Text in English and French. Bound in Inkpress Duo Matt paper. Titles printed on the cover.

Louise Levergneux: "Faux-Pas is a photographic documentation prompted by my curiosity while living in the USA. This study investigates the use of the American flag as an act of patriotism. As a Canadian living an extended séjour in Ohio and in Utah, the pattern and colors of the American flag became visually intoxicating.

"I carried out research on the United States Code relating to the use of the flag. I came to realize that our friends south of the border have put considerable thought into the flag's reverent treatment. The laws relating to the flag outline rules, customs and etiquette pertaining to the respectful use of the Stars and Stripes. The obvious expressions of patriotism featured in this book struck me as clear violations of the United States Code pertaining to the flag. My observations of the symbol that touches the core identity of Americans are portrayed in my project.

"[The project] helped me to see the differences between the Canadian and the American flag rules and regulations. How we see ourselves as patriotic.

"The flag book approach seemed ideal to represent the flag aloft and free no matter what form it has taken as the photos portray."