By Louise Levergneux
South Jordan, Utah: Louise Levergneux, 2013. Edition of 8.

6.75 x 18"; 48 unnumbered double sheets. Printed digitally on Inkpress and Aspen papers. Back board bound in black Iris cloth over board. French door style binding with metal spiral spines. Bilingual text – French and English. Laid in black paper four-flap wrapper with Velcro closure. Signed and numbered.

Artist Project statement: "Ambivalence is a photographic documentation of Ohio cemeteries. Levergneux takes us on a tour, which at first glance is a familiar one …. On closer inspection, however, the scenes presented are quite out of the ordinary … the tombstones, votive candles, and religious statuary memorialize departed beloved pets, not friends and relatives.

"First, the artist was inspired while visiting pet cemeteries in Ohio. Second, intellectually, we don't believe that animals possess an immortal soul, but emotionally, those creatures that offer us unconditional love necessitate remembrance in the form of this extended communal ritual. The disconnect, or ambivalence, between the mind and the heart is at the core of this collection of photographic essays."