Times Square 1-2-3

By Ines von Ketelhodt
Flörsheim, Main, Germany: Ines von Ketelhodt, 2014. Edition of 40.

20.5 x 31.2 cm (8 x 12.3"); 3 volumes, 24 pages each. Photographs digitally printed on opaque paper. Texts printed letterpress with polymer plates onto glassine paper. Three booklets in a slipcase (cardboard and black painted wood strips), flush-covers with linen spine, and embossed titles. Each volume numbered and signed by the artist.

Ines von Ketelhodt: "The three booklets contain photographs which were taken with long exposure times on May 5, 2014 at Times Square in New York. Because of these long exposures, light, time, the position of objects and their movement within the frame accumulate. It captures time in a way that we cannot normally perceive it. A cinematic sequence is generated by turning the pages of all three volumes in parallel.

"Each booklet starts with a motto by Roland Barthes from Camera Lucida. Reflections on Photography: volume 1 in French original, volume 2 in German translation, volume 3 in English translation.

The image, says phenomenology, is an object-as-nothing. Now, in the Photograph, what I posit is not only the absence of the object; it is also, by one and the same movement, on equal terms, the fact that this object has indeed existed and that it has been there where I see it. Here is where the madness is, for until this day no representation could assure me of the past of a thing except by intermediaries; but with the Photograph, my certainty is immediate: no one in the world can undeceive me. The Photograph then becomes a bizarre medium, a new form of hallucination: false on the level of perception, true on the level of time: a temporal hallucination, so to speak, a modest, shared hallucination (on the one hand 'it is not there,' on the other 'but is has indeed been'): a mad image, chafed by reality."