Six Jugs of Bill Culbert

With interleavings by Simon Cutts
Ballybeg, Grange, Clonmel, Tipperary, Ireland: Coracle, 2011. Edition of 125.

5 x 7.5"; 24 pages. Inkjet and letterpress on Canaletto paper. Casebound. Numbered.

Coracle: "The images of six jugs of Bill Culbert from 1980 used in miniature. They exist both as objects and photoworks in their original format and here are placed alongside interleavings by Simon Cutts."

broken glass cut / to an ellipse / & polished / to the beaded / meniscus / of a pour.

Bill Culbert works in sculpture, installation, and photography. He has collaborated with Simon Cutts on several books including "Some More Notes on Writing and Drinking."