Red Owl Album

By Carl Corey
River Falls, Wisconsin: Carl Corey, 2016.

14 x 11"; 23 sheets (1 glassine leaf, 2 text leaves, 20 original prints). Each print signed and dated. Bound in hand tooled leather cover with leather ties. Materials: Japanese bookcloth for lining, grass paper, prairie grass seeds; Chrysanthemum flower. Acid free. Signed and numbered by the artist on the glassine leaf.

Carl Corey: "Red Owl, South Dakota, is not on many maps. The Red Owl Post Office is now closed and the general store which housed the post office followed suit. It's rural by rural standards and centrally located in the area that is home to the last refuge of what we classically define as the American West. I have spent the last twenty years visiting the area making pictures, mostly portraits, in my attempt to share the history and culture of the area and its inhabitants. My first book, Rancher, was a collection of the early pictures I made there. This little album represents a re-visit twenty years after my first. The black and white prints are current prints from pictures made twenty years ago of subjects who unfortunately are no longer with us. The color prints are from 2016, many portray the descendants of those old friends no longer with us."