Hymn to the Sun

By Anne-Claude Cotty
Stonington, Maine: Anne-Claude Cotty, 2014. One-of-a-Kind.

6 x 3 x 1"; 22 pages. Accordion structure. Materials: brass, copper, Plexiglas. Pinhole photographs. Cloth-covered boards. Metal assemblage on front board. Signed and dated by the artist.

Cotty creates abstract-geometric compositions made from found and formed metal materials. She combines her photographs with these metal art items in her bookworks and jewelry.

The text for Hymn to the Sun is from a song of the Fang tribes of West Africa: "The fearful night sinks trembling into the depth / Before your lightning eye and the rapid arrows / From your fiery quiver. With sparkling blows of light / You tear her cloak, the black cloak lined with fire / And studded with gleaming stars. / With sparkling blows of light you tear the black cloak."