I'd Offer You Eggs If You Promise Not to Break the Shell

By Anne-Claude Cotty
Stonington, Maine: Anne-Claude Cotty, 2010. One-of-a-Kind.

10 x 10 x 1.5"; 7 leaves. Original silver gelatin prints. Title page with tipped on letters of same paper (cream on cream). Bound as a clamshell structure with spine exposed. Black cloth covered with rectangle cut in top exposing a gelatin print. Attached to underside of front cover black paper box containing egg prints.

Anne-Claude Cotty: "The title of this book is an Irish proverb. In the inside cover is a box containing 5 eggs for the reader/performer to place at will in egg cups inside. The cups are placed at the base of framed cut into the pages and create a three-dimensional play with luminous photograms behind. The silver gelatin prints are original, not reproducible photographs so this, as most of the books I make, is a unique piece. This is the first in a series illustrating proverbs."
$ 650