A Diction book
A Diction
By Heather Weston
London, England: Heather Weston, 2004. Open Edition.

Offset lithography on paper; book cloth on millboard. Printed on Gmund Bier paper made of recycled beer labels, pulp and beer fibers (hops, malt and yeast).

Looks at the way we choose to deny our own realities through alcoholism, an addiction that perpetually allows us to disavow our difficulties with the world as we find it. The book reflects the never-ending cycle that is characteristic of any addiction, as the addict continually attempts to grapple with a reality which is uncomfortable and intolerable. What is favored by the addict is a short-term solution to long-term psychological discomfort at the expense of living in reality and working though the reality’s unpleasant aspects. The result is a repetitive reliance on a diction that controls and restricts what we perceive and feel as real. The book utilizes the page shape of a pint glass, and by doing this, the angled unfolding of the book’s monologue creates a full circle when open that carries the visual and structural metaphor of the cycle of addiction.
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