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Some More Words for Living Locally Living Locally No.18

By Erica Van Horn
Tipperary, Ireland: Coracle Books, 2011. Edition of 200.

4 x 6"; 24 pages. Photocopy and letterpress in 5 colors. Illustrated wraps. Hand sewn binding. Paper title label on front cover.

A sequel to the earlier edition of 2002, with more involved contexts and narratives.

The Book Remembers Everything / The Art of Erica Van Horn Exhibition, Beinecke Library: "In her Living Locally series, Van Horn celebrates the landscape, culture, and community of her adopted home in rural Tipperary, Ireland. Collecting, documenting, and illustrating the regional language of the area, Van Horn both acknowledges her position as a kind of outsider (a 'blow in,' in the local slang, referring to 'anyone who moves here from somewhere else') and locates herself firmly within the community. The Living Locally series also calls attention to Van Horn’s sheer love of the curious and quirky turns she finds in English, the aurally pleasing sound combinations, the paradoxically conflicting meanings from one locale to another, and the language’s endless flexibility and transformability."

The car mechanic always reminds me
that I am not from here. It has become
a bit of a game for him. When I say Two
Thirty, he says Half Two. Then I ask if
that isn't what I just said. He says No,
you said Two Thirty. Here it is Half Two.

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