Carrying Lydia Madrid book
Carrying Lydia Madrid

By Terry Schupbach-Gordon
Tobaccoville, North Carolina: Catbird (on the Yadkin) Press, 2021. Series of 6 one -of-a-kind books.

11 x 7.5" closed, extends to 29".; 4 panels. Double sided accordion. Woodcuts. Etchings. Letterpress printed text printed in Bembo and Centaur. Bugra and Saint Armand papers. Original postcard from Madrid in slip pocket attached to interior front panel. Signed by the artist.

Terry Schupbach-Gordon, colophon: "This book was made with love to celebrate the life of Lydia Madrid. We, who loved her, knew a friendship like no other. We were joined by a love of prints, puppets and the pursuit of an adventures. We began many a road trip in search of a festival, only to find that the festival was inside us. We found joy in the small and ordinary like the sound of geese. In each book is a postcard from Lydia herself."