1-SELF book

By Carol Es
San Pedro, California: Careless Press, 2005. Edition of 50.

8.5 x 8", 36 pages, letterpress printed with a die-cut letterpressed cover. Book is hand-stitched with original watercolor drawing, 14 color inkjet images, hand-carved block print insert, and a hand-cut collar pattern. Housed in a box with a block print label (signed & numbered by the artist).

The title of this artist book suggests dual meaning of both intimate self-expression and the artist’s pattern making background in the Los Angeles garment industry. Master garment patterns were often marked "1-self," "2-self," "2-lining," "interfacing," before being shipped to the fabric room on the assembly line for manufacturing.

Carol is a native Los Angelina and self-taught painter whose work has shown locally for several years. Her work intimately explores the tribulations of childhood trauma using pigment, manila paper and sewing pins to overcome them. Her witty psychological portraits mark her past, while serving as a release. Carol is also a recent recipient of The Artists’ Resource for Completion Grant from the Durfee Foundation.

"1-SELF" is a showcase of her artwork with essays by Los Angeles art critics Shana Nys Dambrot and Kristina Newhouse. The artist's own remarks are interspersed to give additional insights into her and the work.