Beloved book

By Beth Sheehan
New York, NY: Beth Sheehan, 2016. Edition of 8.

5.25 x 8"; 24 pages. Print processes: Inkjet print, letterpress printing and pigment dusting. Printed on iridescent cotton paper handmade by Richard Langdell. Bound in cloth covered boards using Drum Leaf with drop-spine case binding. Signed and numbered by the artist. Designed and printed by the artist in 2015-2016 during residency as a Scholar for Advanced Studies in Book Arts at the Center for Book Arts in New York.

Beth Sheehan: "The book was inspired by a small pamphlet that I made during my time in Florence, Italy in 2012. Much of my work deals with the idealization of memory, particularly concerning relationships.

"My work can’t be divorced from the aspect of time. All of my work is about memory; the influence of memories on identity, the beauty of nostalgia, and the disfunction of memory. This book is a monument to the act of remembering. Inspired by a photo of an event in my childhood I don’t remember, my written response, and text pulled from obituaries. It is commemorating the blind glory of a moment seen through the beautiful and forgiving filter of time. This is also why I choose to make books—the nature of the book format is so devoted to aspects of time as well as intimacy."

This is a book one must take one's time with and ponder the words and images. It would be easy to miss the last page of text which is blind embossed - "while blind eyes try to focus". A reference perhaps to the fading of memory and those forgotten as the years past. Yet we, who have been left behind, try to bring those loving images forward for those that may not have known or experienced that beloved one.
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