I Exist book
I Exist

By Beata Wehr
Tucson, Arizona: Beata Wehr, 2004. Edition of 50.

8 x 6" archival inkjet printed on Exact Index Wausau paper, single signature.

In this book of retrospect, Wehr brings together bits and pieces from her life in two worlds. She pulls in images from previous works such as "Passing Continued" to provide a collage. These layers of images provoke the reader to perhaps bring forth their own fragments of life experience. Wehr pulls the reader into the worlds of language and culture.

Beata Wehr: "I try to combine two different experiences from two different worlds in this "in between" situation. I do not know if it is ever possible, as my native life, language, landscape, culture are so different than my life here in Tucson. I want my viewers who will not understand part of the text to experience the difficulties with comprehension. I hope that those who are not from this culture can relate to the problem, and those who are from here will be more aware of it – especially that it also relates to migration and feeling of dislocation which is an experience many Americans encounter." Based on an original one-of-a-kind mixed media book "I Exist / Jestem."